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Diabetic foot ulcers: treatment overview and cost considerations

02 December 2022
Volume 6 · Issue 4

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) are deep tissue lesions associated with ischaemic, neuropathic, or combined neuroischaemic abnormalities and are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality.1,2 Of concern is that DFUs affect multiple areas of a person’s functioning, including both physical and psychological distress.3,4 For example, inactivity due to a DFU can cause feelings of frustration, anger and guilt in patients.5,6 This distress has the potential to impair the immune response as well as impacting the quality of life (QoL).7,8,9

DFUs are often complicated by the presence of infection and this combined with abnormalities are a key cause of amputation in patients with DM, indeed up to 85% of lower extremity amputations are preceded by the presence of a DFU.10 Furthermore, even when treatment plans are followed, not all DFUs heal, and those that do have a high rate of recurrence.11,12

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