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Cold plasma treatment is safe for diabetic foot ulcers and decreases Staphylococcus aureus bacterial load

Between April 2016 and March 2018, we enrolled 20 patients. Two patients did not complete the two-week treatment period; one patient was admitted because of an infection at the ulcer site and one...

Topical oxygen therapy in acute traumatic musculoskeletal wounds of the foot and ankle

Of the 20 patients in the test cohort, 17 were male and three female. The mean age was 31.4 years (range: 18–65 years)..

Polyhexamethylene biguanide and its antimicrobial role in wound healing: a narrative review

Subunit structure of polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB). Schematic structure of mono-protonated PHMB with chloride as counter-ion (a) and monomers: hexamethylenediamine (b) and sodium dicyanamide (c).

Concurrent validity of biofilm detection by wound blotting on hard-to-heal wounds

This study showed concurrent validity with reference to native PAGE analysis for identifying and quantifying biofilm components through in vitro, in vivo and clinical investigations, as well as...

The efficacy of sodium hypochlorite antiseptic: a double-blind, randomised controlled pilot study

This prospective, randomised, double-blind pilot study, conducted at a single outpatient wound care centre located in Western Pennsylvania, US, evaluated the efficacy of a topical antiseptic (Anasept)...

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for paediatric patients: an unintended consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic

With approval from the hospital's Institutional Review Board, a retrospective review was conducted of patients 18 years of age or younger who were referred for HBOT at our tertiary wound care and...

A guillotine amputation at the ankle level—how to quickly remove a septic foot: a case report

A 62-year-old female patient with poorly controlled diabetes and hypertension presented to a local medical centre's emergency department for evaluation of her right foot. One month before, while...

Surgical reconstruction of pilonidal sinus disease with concomitant extracellular matrix graft placement: a case series

A total of six patients were included in this case series (Table 1). The median age of patients was 25 years old. All patients had previously undergone I&D procedures and four patients had previously...

Topical oxygen therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers: a multicentre, open, randomised controlled clinical trial

This was a multicentre, open-label, randomised clinical trial conducted in 19 outpatient centres, geographically spread across the US. The primary objective of the study was to investigate the healing...

Early wound infection identification using the wire tool in community health-care settings: an audit report

Wound infection is defined as the presence of microbes in the wound, which multiply and cause a host reaction either locally, in surrounding tissues, or systemically.6 This host reaction is manifested...

Early identification of wound infection: understanding wound odour

The databases searched were PubMed, Cochrane, Google Scholar and Google Patents. The search was limited to published literature written in the English language. Search terms were identical for each of...

The prevalence of biofilms in chronic wounds: a systematic review and meta-analysis of published data

Early publications providing evidence for the presence of biofilm in chronic wounds have provided guidance for clinicians and researchers alike.10,11,39 These studies identified that biofilms were...

Management of diabetic foot ulcers: evaluation of case studies

Patients with slow-healing, static, or deteriorating DFUs were selected by clinicians to take part in an evaluation of AQAg+. The clinicians were experienced in podiatry, and had previous experience...

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