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Chronic wounds

Genetic biases related to chronic venous ulceration

A literature review was conducted, via Medline, Pubmed and Sciencedirect (from January 1985 to September 2017) to identify research and other studies related to the genetic basis of chronic venous...

Cost-utility of a biofilm-disrupting gel versus standard of care in chronic wounds: a Markov microsimulation model based on a randomised controlled trial

Although there were a few VLUs in groups 1 and 2 and one PU in group 1, the differences in utility between unhealed and healed states are similar for these wounds compared to DFUs.17 (The difference...

Dehydrated human amnion/chorion tissue in difficult–to-heal DFUs: a case series

The case series consisted of patients over the age of 45 with DFUs that were refractory to therapy. Patient selection was based on good blood perfusion with an ankle brachial pressure index...

Antibiotic prescribing in wound care

NICE8 defines antimicrobial stewardship as ‘an organisational or health-care system wide approach to promoting and monitoring judicious use of antimicrobials to preserve their future effectiveness’..

Contact dermatitis in patients with chronic leg ulcers: a common and neglected problem: a review 2000–2015

Contact allergies can occur frequently in patients with CLUs, even in those with a short duration of ulcerative disease, despite the use of new advanced dressings.8 The chronicity of venous...

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