Best of Wound Words

02 September 2018
Volume 2 · Issue 4

Ankle Brachial Index (ABI): a non-invasive test performed using a sphygmomanometer and a hand held vascular doppler to obtain the ratio of the ankle systolic blood pressure compared to the brachial systolic blood pressure; indicates severity of peripheral arterial disease in the lower extremity.1 Clinical practice guidelines recommend that an ABI be performed for all patients with lower extremity wounds.2

Biofilm: colonies of single bacterial or fungal species, or more commonly, polymicrobial organisms (bacterial, fungal, and possibly, viral) that group together and cover themselves with a slimy, glue-like protective coating to protect the colonies from outside invaders;3 biofilms can form on medical devices, in wounds, on sutures and many other surfaces.

Long-stretch bandage: elastic classification of compression bandaging system; high resting pressure, and low working pressure.4 Bandage stretches with movement. Almost no change of tissue pressure with movement. Feels tighter at rest.

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