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The role of macronutrients and micronutrients in wound healing: a narrative review

When an acute wound initially takes place, an efflux of lymphatic fluid and blood occurs, resulting in the first phase of the wound healing process: haemostasis. This phase, usually triggered within...

Diabetic foot ulcer management: the podiatrist's perspective

In 2010/11, 8.8% of all hospital admissions (with at least one overnight stay) for patients with diabetes involved a foot problem. There were 5917 non-traumatic lower extremity amputation admissions,...

The total contact cast: controversy in offloading the diabetic foot

Diabetic foot ulceration. The cumulative lifetime incidence may be as high as 15% .

Use of a bilayer biodegradable synthetic dermal matrix for the management of defects arising from necrotising fasciitis

Care can be divided into two overlapping phases. The first aim is the expedient surgical control of infection to achieve wound control and medical management of the effects of sepsis (e.g.,...

The influence of adequate debridement and placental-derived allografts on diabetic foot ulcers

Prospectively collected data from patients enrolled in two Institutional Review Board-approved RCTs (EFDFU003 and ECDFU001),14,22 and Medicare claims from 2015–2019 were retrospectively evaluated..

The characteristics and impact of hard-to-heal wounds: results of a standardised survey

The data reported in this study were collected via wound care surveys across 10 community wound care providers in the UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway and Denmark between February and August of 2017...

Treating hard-to-heal ulcers: biocellulose with nanosilver compared with silver sulfadiazine

To evaluate the efficacy of biocellulose with blue nanosilver, compared with silver sulfadiazine cream in the treatment of hard-to-heal diabetic ulcers..

Topical oxygen treatment relieves pain from hard-to-heal leg ulcers and improves healing: a case report

A 74-year-old male patient with insulin-treated type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years, and with a previous history of foot ulceration, was referred to the Karolinska University Hospital dermatology...

Does social support impact on venous ulcer healing or recurrence?

A search was conducted to retrieve any literature which specifically focused on the role of social support in patients with chronic wounds and/or venous leg ulceration. Electronic databases MEDLINE...