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Use of hypothermically stored amniotic membrane on diabetic foot ulcers: microbiological, immunological, clinical and therapeutic distinctions

Patient records from seven clinics in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US were screened, and a total of 50 patients met inclusion criteria for the study..

Topical oxygen therapy stimulates healing in difficult, chronic wounds: a tertiary centre experience

Most wounds exhibit a degree of hypoxia, low oxygen levels lead to reduced rates of wound healing.

Medical applications of cold atmospheric plasma: state of the science

Schematic illustration of a cold plasma apparatus. Plasma can be generated by sending a gas through a high energy field.

New antioxidant therapy for hard-to-heal neuroischaemic diabetic foot ulcers with deep exposure

The prevalence of diabetes worldwide increases every year, mainly due to an increase in the average age of the population and unhealthy lifestyles (sedentary habits, malnutrition and obesity). Among...

Traditional and advanced therapeutic modalities for wounds in the paediatric population: an evidence-based review

The following databases were searched for relevant sources: Pubmed, Embase, Web of Science and DynaMed. Search terms used included ‘wound care’, ‘wound management’, ‘paediatrics’, ‘children’, ‘skin...

Pain and analgesics in patients with hard-to-heal ulcers: using telemedicine or standard consultations

The main finding of the study was the high percentage of ulcer pain (46%) in patients with hard-to-heal ulcers, of which 71% reported severe pain intensity (VAS 5–10). This finding endorses the idea...

Experiences implementing hydrocolloid dressings after caesarean section

We performed a retrospective cohort study after implementation of a dressing change. In a secondary level obstetric unit in regional (i.e., not in a large city) New Zealand, hydrocolloid dressings...

Cold plasma treatment is safe for diabetic foot ulcers and decreases Staphylococcus aureus bacterial load

Between April 2016 and March 2018, we enrolled 20 patients. Two patients did not complete the two-week treatment period; one patient was admitted because of an infection at the ulcer site and one...

Topical oxygen therapy in acute traumatic musculoskeletal wounds of the foot and ankle

Of the 20 patients in the test cohort, 17 were male and three female. The mean age was 31.4 years (range: 18–65 years)..

Punch grafting for pain reduction in hard-to-heal ulcers

Patients with hard-to-heal wounds treated with punch grafting were included in a prospective, non-interventional, single-centre study, from April 2016 to June 2018. Punch grafting was performed in an...