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Laura Serena

SerenaGroup Research Foundation, Cambridge, MA, US

The efficacy of sodium hypochlorite antiseptic: a double-blind, randomised controlled pilot study

This prospective, randomised, double-blind pilot study, conducted at a single outpatient wound care centre located in Western Pennsylvania, US, evaluated the efficacy of a topical antiseptic (Anasept)...

Real-time bacterial fluorescence imaging accurately identifies wounds with moderate-to-heavy bacterial burden

Wound bacterial management is critical, therefore evaluation of CSS to determine a wound's status along the accepted bacterial contamination-to-infection continuum is important to any wound...

Comparing near infrared spectroscopy and transcutaneous oxygen measurement in hard-to-heal wounds: a pilot study

This study compared a NIRS device (SnapshotNIR, Kent Imaging, Canada) with a TCOM device (Perimed, US) in patients with hard-to-heal wounds. Patients with acute and hard-to-heal wounds from a single...

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