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Jeffrey A Niezgoda

Advancing the Zenith of Healthcare (AZH) Wound & Vascular Centers, Milwaukee, WI

Cost-effectiveness of dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane allografts in lower extremity diabetic ulcer treatment

DHACM FPFU was associated with lower overall costs in the first year, despite higher treatment costs. This cost saving was due to lower amputation rates and lower healthcare resource utilisation (for...

Observed impact of skin substitutes in lower extremity diabetic ulcers: lessons from the medicare database (2015–2018)

In the analysed dataset, 9,738,760 patients had a confirmed diabetes diagnosis, within which the metagroup of 909,813 had a confirmed diagnosis of LEDU, spanning 1,336,415 treatment episodes (Fig 1)....

Guidance on physician credentialing for outpatient wound clinics

A panel of physician experts from a variety of medical specialties met virtually to address the immediate problems with physician certification in wound care. The panel represented clinicians from all...

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